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Businesses and individuals are increasingly working internationally and dealing with people from different cultures who speak different languages. We have been providing editorial services and translations since 1998. We can quickly and accurately translate yours to ensure there are no costly misunderstandings.

We can audit your work to ensure you use consistent language and spelling throughout your organisation. We can create a style-book of your preferred usage and can advise you on the aesthetics of your presentation.


We can edit and proofread the material you seek to publish to ensure it meets the highest standards of accuracy and consistency. We can even typeset it – anything ranging from a multi-volume book to a single web page – and where appropriate prepare it for a commercial printer.




    We have been translating, mainly for the academic market, since 1998 and currently have more than 30 books and countless academic articles, book chapters, conference papers, research proposals, museum catalogues, websites and book reviews under our belt. Our current clients include leading academics at Portugal's top universities, foundations, laboratories, research centres, museums, and businesses small and large, including blue chip corporations REN, TAP, EDP and Sonae.


    We carefully read through the text checking for accuracy and consistency. At this point we will ensure the voice is appropriate, the vocabulary used is relevant and that all the references are included, accurate and properly formatted. We will also check the grammar, syntax and spelling. If there is a glossary and/or style-sheet available, we will ensure the text conforms to it.


    Should it be harmonisation or harmonization? Eurozone, euro zone or eurozone? PhotoShop or Photoshop? Focussed or focused? When should you use their, there or they're? Its or it's? Who's or whose? You might know or have a preference, but does everyone else in your organisation know and do they share your preference? You should never underestimate the impact of what you say or the effect of how you say it. Let us use our extensive experience to provide a detailed audit of all of your external and internal communications to create a glossary that will ensure everyone in your organisation speaks with a consistent voice.


    Two sets of eyes will check your text to ensure there are no mistakes, the argument is clear and the language, grammar and vocabulary in the text is both consistent and used consistently.


    Using industry standard Adobe software we are able to create graphical elements (figures, info-grams, etc.) that meet your publisher's requirements and which are clean and clear. We can also convert your graphics to the size and format required by the publisher.


    To ensure consistency of style within your document, we will create a series of master pages and paragraph and character rules for your project within InDesign. We will also create a RefWorks stylesheet and database to ensure consistency of citations.


    We will design an attractive page layout for your work, whether it be a one page poster, a flyer or a book.


    Using InDesign and with a wide range of fonts available, we can typeset your work, whether it be a leaflet, an illustrated book, promotional material or a standard academic article.


    Proofreading involves checking the document before it is committed to print.  We carefully read the printer's proofs and check for any errors of language, layout or design, which we will then mark up for the typographer to correct. This is a last look at the document, a detailed examination with a fresh pair of eyes to ensure accuracy and consistency of style and presentation.


    Once the work has been translated, reviewed, copy-read, laid out, typeset and proofed it is ready to carry out the pre flight process that will help ensure everything is where it is supposed to be and that all the images are the right size and format.


    The files making up the final project will be consolidated into a single folder and saved according to the publisher's and printer's requirements which will then be converted to PDF and forwarded to the client

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